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Dear Ambassadors, we have decided to propose some Ambassador guidelines that will need to be followed by all 20MOR COMMUNITY Ambassadors across the world. The 20 MINUTES Team recognizes that each Ambassador is volunteering and donating time, skills and efforts. These guidelines have been created as a broad and clear structure for the growing number of Ambassadors under the 20MOR COMMUNITY umbrella,  to ensure that all interaction for 20MOR COMMUNITY matters is in the spirit of mutual collaboration and respect. The guidelines will also make it easier to counter or avoid any misunderstandings, conflict, and discord that is bound to arise amongst such a rapidly growing and diverse group.

We are all aware of why 20MOR COMMUNITY was created and what it stands for, and each one of you, according to your capacity, has done some amazing work.

Benefits to 20 MOR ambassadors

Roles and Responsibility of Ambassadors  

Happy Running!!!

Protocols for 20MOR COMMUNITY Ambassadors and members of training groups.

How to Start a Training Group