About The Event

20 Minutes Of Running is a fitness movement taking place worldwide, in which you can do Run/ Walk anywhere and anytime you just need to join specially designed 20 Minutes of Running Challenge and Run/Walk every day during the challenge and Earn a beautiful Medal after every event and also the One of Grand Slam title can be yours if you took the 4 or more challenges.

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Benefits of 20 Minutes of running

Start your Fitness Journey in Year 2020 with 20 Minutes of Running

20 minutes daily is sufficient for avoiding the disease of 'couch potatoism' which afflicts millions of people in World, Even the Great Lydiard wrote that fifteen minutes a day is at least something, you're five minutes beyond that.

Lowers the blood pressure, relieves tension, improves circulation, lowers cholesterol, improves muscular tone in the legs and butt and all that good stuff .

Start your Fitness Journey in Year 2020 with 20 Minutes of Running

It’s a way to make you go out and run, and build a habit doing so

It has been proven that if you do a task repetitively, you form a habit, and after some days, it just becomes part of your life. Running every day, for 20 Minutes, achieves exactly that. Running will become a part of your life, with very little chance that you will come out of this wonderful new habit.

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