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Event Rules and FAQs

Event Rules

All participants of 20 Minutes of Running are required to follow the following basic rules.

1. Run 20 Minutes straight

Run daily minimum for a 20 Minutes. You can mix walking with running as you feel comfortable. There is no upper limit, but participants are advised to use discretion and run/walk a time which they are comfortable with. This is not a mileage competition, this is a platform to get people to develop running as a habit and as a lifestyle through the medium of this challenge.

Missing any days of run or walk does not disqualify you from the event.

2. Submit your daily run data

Submit your daily run data using the data submit page on this website after logging in using the provided login details. We have an automatic Vigour data import feature which will import your daily run data from your Vigour account if you have authorized the same.

3. The 48 Hrs data submission rule

In case, if you missed submitting your data via an automated process of Vigour, you must send your data on official mail ID (support@20minutesofrunning.com) within 48 Hrs of activity with a screenshot of the app with required details. Our team will check and update your stats.

Participants must set-up an automatic process to import their data through Vigour, it will be the participant’s responsibility to ensure their data is being imported on a daily basis and submit data

Any more questions?

Additional details about the event are available on the event FAQ page. Please check it out, it is a must-read!

Violation of Rules of Event

All violations of the Rules of Event (including those listed on the FAQ page) will be referred to the Organizing Team, who will review the infraction and determine a resolution taking into consideration all relevant facts and circumstances.

The Organizing Team reserves the right to consider all facts and circumstances, including repeat offences, and apply penalties as appropriate in its sole discretion which may include removal of participant data for specific event dates, disqualification from official results and reports, suspension from future events.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

20 Minutes of Running is a fitness journey starting from 2 January 2020 to 28 Dec 2020 further divided into 10 scheduled events mentioned below.

1 4 Jan 2020 TO 2 Feb 2020 30 20 MINUTES OF RUNNING
2 14 Feb 2020 TO 14 March 2020 30 20 MINUTES OF RUNNING
3 21 March 2020 TO 20 April 2020 30 20 MINUTES OF RUNNING
4 28 April 2020 TO 27 May 2020 30 20 MINUTES OF RUNNING
5 1 June 2020 TO 30 June 2020 30 20 MINUTES OF RUNNING
6 5 July 2020 TO 3 Aug 2020 30 20 MINUTES OF RUNNING
7 15 August 2020 TO 13 September 2020 30 20 MINUTES OF RUNNING
8 20 September 2020 TO 19 Oct 2020 30 20 MINUTES OF RUNNING
9 25 October 2020 TO 23 Nov 2020 30 20 MINUTES OF RUNNING
10 29 Nov 2020 TO 28 Dec 2020 30 20 MINUTES OF RUNNING

For a healthier lifestyle you should go for all 10 running events, featured in 2020. But its not mandatory to do all, you can chose one or multiple events as per your convenience. We have Slam categories for participants who select more than 3 events in a year 2020, to know more about slam categories click here.

Only online registrations are possible. You can register on the Register page from Dec 15, 2019.

Indian residents can pay through credit card/debit card/net banking or using multiple wallets.

Applicants residing outside India can pay using a credit card.

Registrations can be done individually, or bulk registrations as a group with some additional benefits for group members (minimum 20 participants required to be eligible for group registration). For group / corporate registration please send mail on support@20minutesofrunning.com through 20 MOR Ambassador.

Yes, bulk registration for group members is possible, if the group size is 20 participants or more. Registering as a group has additional benefits like discounted group registration cost.

To register as a group, the 20 MOR Ambassador will be required to do the full payment online for the entire group. Once that is done, within 48 hours, the group leader will receive an email from our ticketing partner with a list of coupon codes for each member. The group leader will then be required to share the coupon code with his or her group members. Each group member can then submit their personal details using the individual registration form without being required to do any payment by using that zero cost coupon code.

Group registrations are non-refundable.

You will receive an email from our ticketing partner, 20MOR, with your booking id, and details of your payment.

There are no manual registrations for the event. Only online registrations are allowed.

Domestic Applicants (applicants residing in India)


Finisher T-Shirt + Medal + e-Certificate*

Finisher Medal + e-Certificate



INR 500

INR 250

Free of Cost

Note: Only paid category participants are eligible for Grand Slam

Overseas Applicants (applicants residing outside India)

Finisher T-Shirt + Medal + e-Certificate*

Finisher Medal + e-Certificate


USD 40

USD 20

Free of cost

Note: Only paid category participants are eligible for Grand Slam

Above rates are on a per participant basis.

* Exclusive of all applicable taxes and processing charges

Participants must be at least 7 years of age as of event start date, i.e. 2 Jn 2020. Parents undertaking is necessary for children under 14 years.

There is no upper age limit for taking part in the event.

Registration is non-transferable. Participants can request for a cancellation of their registration but no refund applicable.

Please send an email to support@20minutesofrunning.com with the correct details and we will update it.

Under exceptional cases, in case the transaction failed at the payment gateway stage, and if the money was debited but a confirmation was not generated, the money will be credited back to your account within 10 working days. However, please email support@20minutesofrunning.com with details of your registration – date of registration, name and your email id and we will follow up to ensure the problem is tracked and closed.